Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Has anyone heard of Blurb? I came across it some time back and love the idea! When I first started this blog I wanted to keep family and friends updated on our fun life. I have met wonderful new friends along the way! My thought was to save each month to disk since it is a way of a journal for me. I do not keep baby books I am horrible at that! Then I realized that would only work as long as the page was on here. Then I came across blurb where you download your blog and put it in a book. You can add other features and take out what post you do not want in your book (like follow this link to read an article or watch a video). Keep all the post you want! I finally downloaded the software to play with it. You order the book whenever you are ready, or have the money. The smaller sized books are reasonable priced. So that is where you will find me these days and into the night! I am working on all my posts for 2007.


Sarah said...

It really is a neat idea! I hope you can get yours someday!:)

Laura said...

Thanks for posting this-I'd never heard of it but it does sound like a great idea. Especially as I have yet to do more than 2 pages on Ella's scrapbook!