Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I think my oldest boy's brain has shut down! He is really struggling these last few days of school. The concentration is just not there. Is this lazy? Is this summer fever? Is this just an excuse? What do you do to help them concentrate until the end? I know I am ready for the summer break until I woke up the other morning with the realization that schedule is good. Otherwise they are free to play all day and it is chaos at times. I really am trying to think of a schedule or program to do this summer for our morning times. Circle time? Read aloud for everyone to enjoy. Peacock and I are still reading the Sugar Creek Gang books (#23). I am thinking of starting Little House in the Big Woods for Little Mama to enjoy as well.

Off to see if our little break was enough and can finish our review lesson! Here we go.... It is still raining out side so we cannot run around the house a few times to exert energy.

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