Thursday, May 22, 2008


I came across this blog It seems to offer some good stories and recalls. Don't care about the celebrity stuff. Check them out:

1. What do you carry in your diaper bag? Good question, what do you?
wipes (the ones they give you at the hospital that you wet with water)
walmart bag for the dirty diaper
extra pins
hand sanitizer
zip lock bag with crayons
changing pad
* time to add a chewing toy or ratting toy for Princess to use while we are out and about!

2. Make Your Own Baby Wipes

uh, I used to. Cut a roll of paper towels in half. Pull out the middle. Mix water, oil, and soap. Put half roll in container. Put lid on and turn upside down. Pull out from center and use. I enjoyed making my own, but you know what? baby wash cloths work just as well and I can wash with the diapers. But these wipe cubes? Funny. Buy something, wet it and call it "make your own!"

3. Mom Delivers Baby On The Way To Hospital

Oh NO!!! Make a normal process and quickly make it seem like DANGER~ The Mother did not cut the cord quickly! Poke the child to run test! Result: baby is fine.

Then another one had a child, walked to the hospital and did not cut the cord quickly. The doctors told her not to move!

4. Push Presents
Well, man, Daniel owes me BIG TIME on this one. What was he thinking giving me flowers when I just endured natural childbirth and had a BIG baby! [you do hear my sarcastic tone right??] Do other countries really do something like this and higher prized gifts for boys? Yep, missing big time on that one too!

is the sweetest preemie story ever!


Growing Your Baby said...

Thank you for recommending our site!

The celebrity stories are a sneaky way of getting people to read the stuff the really matters...

Sarah said...

Yeah, that's pretty goofy that they did extra tests because the cord wasn't clamped right away! It's actually more dangerous if they do actually cut it without using a sterile instrument.

My diaper bag... usually 1 diaper for Garrett, 1-2 diapers for Samuel, a couple wipes, and plastic bag for wets. Keys, cards, pen, very small notebook, current picture of kids in case I should ever lose one! Travel hand sanitizer and travel sunscreen.

Sarah said...

Oh, and a spare diaper cover and a receiving blanket to be used for a variety of purposes, as needed (blanket, nursing cover, changing "pad").

Audrey said...

Diaper Bag? I'm supposed to carry a diaper bag? I knew I was forgetting something, LOL

I really dont carry a diaper bag, I'll just slip an extra diaper in my car or purse and off we go. It helps that we never really leave the house and when we do its never really longer than an hour.

Audrey said...

Oh, and I know people who leave the placenta completely attached until the umbilical connection falls off (it takes usually 14 days) what in the world were they teasting for??

Rachel said...

Thanks so much for the info. Anything about babies is exciting to read now!