Monday, December 24, 2007


See finally got's a GIRL- Angel Baby. The doctor came in and broke her water and the baby came very quickly there after. All my mom could tell me was that she had a lot of hair and long too. My mom had stepped out to go to the restroom. Mom came out and Little Mama said she's here, she just came out. =] So, my mom missed it. lol I will give you more details as soon as they finish weighing the baby and all.
Thank you so much for all your prayers! They made this labor wonderful for my sister!

Finally got our Angel Baby on Christmas before Letisha's birthday( Christmas Day). The h in Johanna is silent.

Thank you,


Audrey said...

I am SOOO Excited! A GIRL!! Praise The Father in Heaven who gives all good gifts!


You know, my middel name is Joanna, how fun! I cant wait to see a picture of the angel baby!

Get some much needed rest!


lluscombe said...

Praise God!!! I'm so happy!!

Rest and enjoy that precious new bundle of joy!! Beautiful name too. :) What wonderful news!!!

Emily said...

How wonderful!! So happy for you, Letisha, and can't wait to see your beautiful, perfect baby girl! Johanna is a lovely name! Now you can rest and catch up on some sleep...I know how you must feel...happy and proud and completely exhausted :)

Juice said...

Congrats and praise God!