Monday, December 24, 2007

Update # 4 at 7:43am on Dec. 23,2007

I can not believe that she has not had that baby yet!!!! Letisha is at 9cm and 0 station and stalled out. Or that's how she feels. She still isn't having any intense labor pains yet. I told her it's time for them to brake that water and get this going. The doctors are in the process of switching out. Everyone in the family is starting to wake up now. Letisha and her sister in law Sarah have been up all night- the one's who really need the rest. =]
Please continue praying for her and that it will start to move more quickly, she's ready.

Thank you for your prayers and checking back,

Waiting on the Christmas Eve baby,


Audrey said...

Letisha, just know that HIS time is perfect. What a blessing that you have gone slowly and steadily with no major labor pains. That means that baby has not been stressed as much through labor.

I presume that they will break your water and you will have that precious one this morning. Stay calm, and let your body do the work. I know you have heard it all before...but embrace it, whatever your body needs to do...follow it.

You are almost at the finish line!

Father you have been so faithful in Letishas labor. She is ready to meet your precious gift. I pray that in your timing and with your help she will bring this baby into the world, safely and with great joy! I ask that you will give her confidence to not hold back. Be right next to her Jesus, whisper in her ear your instructions and your support. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to be a part of this from a far, for being so merciful to Letisha and for your greatest gift Father....a baby!

lluscombe said...

praying here Letisha! May the Lord continue to be your strength. It won't be long now!