Monday, December 24, 2007

Sweet Baby:)

Big Brother Smiley finally getting his heart's desire - snuggling with Mommy!! HooDoo hardly left her side all night. He was so sweet:)
The night before, Peacock had made a birthday cake for Letisha. This morning they sang Happy Birthday to Mommy, Jesus, and Angel Baby and celebrated God's goodness!!

This is Sarah now. I would have posted pictures when I got home earlier, but after being awake all night, we all desperately needed some rest!! The baby is just gorgeous! She is 8lbs 7oz, 21" long, 14.5" head, born at 9:12 am, in the bathroom! Labor had been slow and easy for Letisha all night, a much needed rest after Smiley's hard delivery! By 8:20 am, she had been 8-9cm for a few hours and contractions had almost stopped. She chose to have her water broken. Went to the restroom after 15-20 minutes, still no contractions. She was in there for quite some time, maybe 20-30 minutes while her mom and I chatted, HooDoo slept on the bed, and Daniel's mom and the kids were out of the room, taking a walk I think. Eventually I called in to ask if she needed anything and heard heavy breathing-through-contractions sounds. I decided to wait a few more minutes before bothering her again and just keep my ears open! Our SIL Leigh called on the phone, family shuffled around (Daniel's mom came back in the room at some point and Letisha's went out). While talking to Leigh, I heard sounds (not words) of Ooooohhh, this baby is coming right now, someone needs to come help me!! I quickly hung up on Leigh and went in to find those sounds confirmed:) I told Daniel's mom to get somebody quick and washed my hands just in case they were needed. The nurses were in very quickly with the doctor following right behind. And Johanna was born:) As the kids were being shuffled out of the room, I snagged Little Mama so she could see. She was out for the very moment of the birth but laugh at her mommy's funny sounds and actions right before and giggled and grinned with pure delight at the sight of her very newly born sister!!!

So there you have it, from my point of view:) Letisha can tell you hers later!


lluscombe said...

Ohh, she is beautiful!! I'm so happy for you Letisha and family!!! God is good!

It sounds like your fifth labor was a lot like mine. I was at 9 cm for hours and the contractions were hardly painful and seemed to be slowing down too. Once water was broken the second time, baby was born very soon after. So glad you had an easier birth, you must be tired though with staying awake all night! Enjoyed the pictures, you have a beautiful family.

Happy birthday to you too! May the Lord richly bless you all!!

Audrey said...

She is beautiful! You did an awesome job!

Beth said...

Oh, YAHOO! Congrats and praise God! I'm so happy for you all!!!

Audrey said...


Have a great day!

Your Friend

Emily said...

She is gorgeous! You did so well! What an exciting time for the kids as they welcome their baby sister, celebrate your birthday and Christmas! So happy for you and glad you had a safe delivery! :)

Martha A. said...

Sounds like a very nice labor!!! Congratulations!