Monday, November 05, 2007


With Daniel's work schedule now being down from 60 hrs a week to 40 hrs a week we actually took the weekend to go camping. Mom and Dad let us camp with them in their camper. We had a wonderful time and the scenery was gorgeous! The kids are wonderful hikers, they love camping, and slept pretty well. Smiley fell asleep fast but woke up in an hour unsure of where he was. He was sleeping in the bottom bunk with me and I was clueless on how to keep him quiet and allow everyone else to sleep. He eventually did fall back to sleep. HooDoo insisted on trying to sleep with me and Smiley but when he fell asleep I carried him back to where he was supposed to sleep. The last time we camped at this lake was a few days before we discovered that our first child was already formed!

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Kim said...

That's a nice camper. Looks like it's nice and snuggly! The kids are definitely having fun. =]