Monday, November 05, 2007



Kim said...

WOW! That is so gorgeous! Looks like you had some really nice and warm weather.

Ruth said...

Thanks for the comment on The Little Red Hen blog! The cake come from an Usborne book called What Shall I Do Now? I've also seen it called What Shall I Do Today?.

Emily said...

Beautiful! How fun...camping with kids. Everything is an adventure for them! Can't wait til Little Buddy is old enough to go.
I get tons of ideas for fun things to do with kids from your blog! I still think the Cuzin Camp takes the cake!

silly me said...

my husband saw your camping photos and said, "i want to go camping"!

this and the 1B workbooks. thanks for the offer.

i keep forgetting to link you - soon!

and i saw your beautiful pregnant picture!! awesome!

Laura said...

So glad Daniel's able to work less and you got to go camping-what beautiful pics! Okay, that's it-you have to give me photography lessons, girl-you're turning into a pro! And love your new picture heading. So glad y'all had fun.
Tell me again what kind of camera you got...
I keep saying we're going to update ours-it must be the camera's fault that I can't get good shots like that, right? :-)