Wednesday, October 31, 2007


WARNING: I hate snakes and so does my sister. If anyone else is as fearful of snakes, then I want to warn you of a scary python picture. I had to have Mom take them for the boys. I could never get that close and zoom in for a picture. I would be shrieking and screaming. Just remember, I warned you first!

Once again we went to the zoo with Grammy and cousins before the colder weather settles in. At first I was not going to take my camera. Seriously, what new thing are we going to see? But the thought that something will happen and I will wish I brought my camera! I was glad I took it. The boys love taking pictures so I let them photograph the animals and I would do the kids. Peacock had prayed that he would see his best friend. Guess who was by the front entrance? The peacock! God answered his prayer!


Laura said...

LOVE that last picture-too sweet!

Beth said...

Sweet photos. I like the one of G and E hand in hand! Hey, have you ever thought of getting sitemeter?

Kim said...

I love the group picture!! I'm kinda jealous because I wish we could had gone to. What is that snake doing...yawning? Looks like you all had fun!

rcsnickers said...


Actually Little Mama kept asking if David and Jonathan were coming. She really wanted them too!


Audrey said...

I'm sure it would creep you out to know that when Rob and I first got together we had a retile pet sitting service. We worked in an animal hospital and Rob was the expert herpiculturist, everyone came to him for problems with snakes and lizards. At one time BEFORE Devon was born, we had a room in our home filled with about 20 reptiles.

No snakes now thought!

Binder question: They do have the larger binders, I think maybe 5 inches? Anyway you could go with those, BUT heres what I learned. You can not save every piece of everything they do. SO, I save main things.

Example: We use saxon math, I save ONLY the reviews and tests. I dont save the daily worksheets. The daily worksheet grades can be recorded in your grade book(if you keep grades, I don't) and the paper can be recycled.

Their main notebook (the ones you are referring to) house the three R's.

Then each child has a seperate notebook for our unit studys. This one can get pretty full if were not careful. But if we ever need to (although we havent yet) we will just create a part 2 binder for that child.

Hope that helps.