Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Alright, here is the much much belated belly picture. I absolutely HATE my picture taken.

As for the pregnancy, I LOVE this last trimester. I feel huge and look huge but should since I am almost near the finish! I have gained the right amount for this time and measure right on track, unlike with my boys where I always measured bigger. It is a joy to feel the baby kick, to watch the belly wave, or a knee glide across the top! The kids are having fun trying to identify the part they feel. HooDoo is my belly hugger! He is always wanting to cuddle with the baby in my belly. Little Mama is always saying "I love you the best" and then hugs her baby brother or sister. Peacock is adamant that he knows it is his brother and will rarely say the girl name to the child! They all love to listen to the baby heartbeat with my fetoscope.

As for names, we have had a girl name since Smiley. When we first got pregnant Daniel said he wanted a certain name for our next son. I figured he meant as a first name. I have not been able to think of a middle name. I found this site that has a list of Bible names and wrote down 5 boy names I liked. That night he told me he thought more of the name he wanted as a middle name. Then we still need a first name. I gave him the list and never got a quick yes to any of them. I figured he was not thrilled with any of them, or he really is hoping for a girl and not thinking of a boy name until birth when we find out it is a boy after all! But last week Little Mama mentioned the name she liked from the list and I told Daniel what it meant and he said "I like that, let's go with it!" I love saying his name and now more excited to meet my "tall and strong" son.

If it is a girl, then Little Mama is getting her closet all ready for her. Mom got us a slide out drawer type closet storage container for the baby clothes. That night I put it in Little Mama's closet. She went to my closet and got out some baby girl clothes and a blanket! She will have those drawers stocked and ready for her sister, or for her dolls if I would let her!


Laura said...

You look ADORABLE! Why would you hate taking such a cute pic? And you don't look huge at all. I'm so excited for you and glad y'all have the names picked out.

Beth said...

Love the baby belly shot! You look great! I hate my pic taken, too, but you look radiant. :-)

Audrey said...

You look Beautiful! I can usually tell by looking at others bellies what they are having, but I cant say for certain with you. I need more angles LOL. My first initial thought is boy....but then there is this nagging girl thought in the background.

OK I'm placing my official vote...its a girl ;-)

Oh and Audrey is a great girl name

rcsnickers said...

Actually the boy name is one of your boy's name! LOL!! Or one on the list is your boy name, but I am sure you have both names for your son! :)


Kim said...

Finally! A picture of you belly! I didn't think you would do it. You look great!! I can't wait to see who it is. I want a girl for little mama but I have a feeling it's a boy.

Emily said...

Finally a belly shot! I love it look sooo cute!