Monday, October 29, 2007


Name Means: Faithful Like God
Born: Oct 22, 2002
9lbs 1oz

HooDoo has such a tender heart but also a fighting heart. He loves to laugh and loves a challenge. I know God will us his personality and character in a mighty way.

Yes, I accidentally put 6 candles on his cake and yes Smiley is getting a handful of red icing while we sing Happy Birthday! Later I will post pictures that the boys took of the gifts.


Laura said...

Happy Birthday, Hoo Doo!
And love the pic/lighting, Letisha!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday HooDoo! You have a package in the mail!! =]

Life with Littles said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love this picture because it is so real. Usually there is another little off to the side crying because they want to blow out the candles. Or the birthday boy/girl is crying because brother/sister blew out the candles before they got a chance to. These are precious memories.