Thursday, October 18, 2007

911 Math Call

In light of school work, I came across this funny four year old phone call. We have had our share of 911 calls from children.

First, Peacock called 911 while playing with the phone as I changed his diaper. I heard the lady say "911 what's your emergency?" I thought, oh no, how did he do that?

Second, HooDoo just recently called while I as napping and Daniel was cutting grass. Peacock brought me the phone and said the 911 lady wanted to talk to me. They have had several calls from our house. They did stop by to make sure all we okay. Funny, but not really.


Elizabeth said...

Wow! What did the officer's say? Well, at least they checked on you, and your kids know what to do in emergencies, rigth?
My 2 yr old nephew was playing with the phone and somehow hit redail and called me. I knew it was him and kept talking to him, but my sister in law thought he was just holding the phone. Glad it wasn't china!

Beth said...

We've not yet had an accidental 911 call yet. Looked at your schoolwork the handwriting concept for Peacock. Is that Handwriting for a Reason?

rcsnickers said...


That is Daniel's worry... that one of the kids will call China or something! What a phone bill that would be!


Audrey said...

I have on ly had one 911 call, a long time ago. That was uper funny though. I loved how the operator went along and helped him with his "problem". What a smart kid!

So.......are we ever going to get a belly pic? LOL

Emily said...

I second the motion on the belly pic! :)

Hmmm...this reminds me of an incident where Elizabeth and I called numbers randomly and said silly things like, "is loquecia there?" and then hung up...our parents never knew.

Elizabeth, you remember? The things kids will do...