Thursday, October 18, 2007


HooDoo's school work.

We are working through Get Set For The Code Book B. HooDoo is very active as in cannot sit still without moving some part of his body. He has a creative mind and has to express it by mostly drawing something somewhere on his paper. In a public school system he would be labeled ADHD or Kinesthetic learner. I know he learns differently from Peacock and at a different pace. These Get Ready For The Code books are just right for him!

[He actually got these correct but did not want to stop so he circled or squared in the other two letters.]

We are using the same Reason For Handwriting as with Peacock. Each week in phonics he learns a letter so he writes out the letter from this book. Then colors the picture on the other side.

For Math we started by using Singapore but have found it not be thorough enough. Now I am using what I come up with or find free online. I am going to buy him the BJU K5 math workbook and go from there.

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Kim said...

Your doing a great job Hoo Doo!