Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I thought I would update on how school is going so far. I will touch on Peacock's school work and then HooDoo another day.

We are working through the Explode the Code Books Book 4.
To start he has a page with the rule. Simple words for him to practice reading.

Next he has a page where he spells and writes the word.

Then he has a page where he reads a sentence and answers yes or no. Silly sentences "Can a plum kick a man?" Or he reads a sentence and fills in the blank.
He is getting better with his reading. Last year it was a struggle to get him to read. He wanted me to read or just did not participate long. This year is he reading more. The only downside or patience on my part is he wants me to repeat each word he reads. If I do not he will keep saying the word until I say yes that is correct, or says the word after him. For example, he read "the" and kept saying it. I told him you know that is correct, why do you keep saying it and questioning yourself? Then he said "well sometimes it is 'this." I tell him to keep reading. When he makes a mistake I will say something. He is looking forward to reading his goal number of books each month and getting a personal size pizza from Pizza Hut through the Book It Club!

He has a lesson to write out each week and at the end of the week he writes out the whole verse. Each week he picks a person, writes the verse, colors the page and I mail it to them. It amazes me the people he thinks of to send it to. So overall, he is improving on his handwriting and thinking of others.

Math: We are working through Singapore. He enjoys it or he is enjoying the colored blocks we use to learn addition or subtraction. Mom had them from her homeschooling days and has let me borrow them. Would love to buy the ones from Math-U-See but not in the budget right now!

Note: he was very disappointed that the turtle was to be colored red. Who has ever heard of a red turtle! He was looking forward to coloring this page since he LOVES turtles!

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Jeanette said...


We also use Get set for the code books for Jonathan. He would be labled ADHD too. One reason we homeschool. He seems to do well in the books-as long as I keep his attention!