Monday, October 15, 2007


Sorry to now be putting Mom's pictures from Africa. I thought she took the cd of pictures back to her house. She could not find them because they were still at my house. I had put them in my stack of picture cd while cleaning the desk one day. Sorry for my procrastination. But anyway, here are her pictures from Tanzania Africa this past June.

Pastor Kelly and another Masai chief that Mom led to the Lord.

This is the church where the Masai in the bush worship.

The front square cement where the men are leaning is where they baptize new believers.

Inside the church.

Masai house with additional homes for additional wives.

A women making tea.

Pastor Kelly's church in Moshi, Tanzania.

Mom and Flora, a little girl that loved Mom.

Bill and Linda, Mom's missionary partners from her church.

A red banana.

These pictures were taken from Serengeti that they went to at the end of their trip.

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