Monday, October 08, 2007


Beautiful scenery.

A classic country magazine picture. An idea of Rebekah's. She is doing photography for her senior class project.

Now blogger won't let me me upload anymore pictures. I guess I have hit the picture quota for the day... Kim is actually a much better photographer than me and she will post pictures on her site as well.

Man, can we dream of next year and having even Dan, Kim, DJ and another child with us? Ohhh that would be so cool!


Elise said...

Oh - that's exactly what I was thinking! Put that in sepia tone, and you have the cover of any country living magazine.
Precious. All of them.

Emily said...

These are beautiful. Is this near your house? Oh, to live in countryside like that!

rcsnickers said...

Yes, it near our house. I know, I always wish I lived where there were more mountains and colder weather, but I am thankful for the hills and countryside that we live in. I could not stand to live in a town or city. I am spoiled by the space we have. I used to live in FL and hated the flat land and homes on top of each other.


Laura said...


Kim said...

We had so much fun this past weekend! I'm glad we went with you all!