Thursday, October 11, 2007


According to the ultrasound, Derek and Sarah will be adding another boy cousin to the mix! That will be a girl, boy and another boy for them.

So now we wait to see what we surprise everyone with.

Grandchildren on that side of the family routine so far... and could possibly stick with it. 3 boys, 2 girls, 3 boys, 2 girls, starting the boy routine again.

Peacock (boy)
HooDoo (boy)
Ian (boy)
Eliana (girl)
Little Mama (girl)
James (boy)
Garrett (boy)
Smiley (boy)
Maggie (girl)
another girl?? to fit the pattern
Boy due in Feb/March which would start the 3 boy routine again....

But sticking to reality, I watched Garrett while they went for the ultrasound and I stood back picturing the four boys with one girl as they played with each other. That could very well be us in 10+ weeks.

Getting excited about birth and seeing our surprise....

Different topic: my sister Kim posted a few pictures from the weekend with us.

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Laura said...

Wow-I didn't know you only had 10 weeks to go-you must be getting excited. That would be neat if it followed the pattern, but I'm sure 4 boys would be nice as well.

Thanks for your recent comment-I hope to post soon. We moved in this past weekend and are still unpacking boxes. I just started SAT grading again, so who knows when I'll finish unpacking the last box. But we do absolutely LOVE IT out here. So gorgeous and QUIET! So good for the soul!