Monday, October 08, 2007


WARNING: A lot of pictures ahead.

We made it to our yearly visit to The Great Pumpkin Patch only this year we were accompanied by Kim, Richard and cousins!

All of us on the wagon ride to the pumpkin patch.

Sarah enjoyed the wagon ride.

Smiley and his baby pumpkin

HooDoo would pick the biggest pumpkin of the kids!

Aunt Kimmy even enjoyed the hay maze.

Jonathan taking a break from chasing the boys.


Rebekah with her buddy Smiley.

Next we rode the ponies. Smiley just sat on the pony for his picture. Not sure what to think, but I think next year he will LOVE IT!

Now on to the big pump it up play area.

Climbing up the big slide.

Let's just say that this year Little Mama was non stop on the slide and alligator! I mean NON STOP! She got every penny worth in that area.

Jonathan being his crazy self.

Smiley on the alligator mouth slide.

Peacock and HooDoo in the big pumpkin.

They even got Grandma to go down the big slide. I for one was VERY THANKFUL to Kim and all the cousins for helping out. With me being pregnant I did not get the privilege of going down the slide, climbing through the alligator, and chasing after all the children from one thing to the next! Thanks for helping the other little children there that day as well. You made a lot of Mommy's very happy.

Last we ate our picnic lunch, went through their little barn store and headed back to our house. Little Mama was asleep by the time we go out of the parking lot! Smiley had all the entertainment in the van with him to not sleep.


Laura said...

WOW-now that's what I call a pumpkin patch-pony rides and big slides-what kid could ask for more? Wish I could find a good one around here to go to.
And looked at Kim's site-love the pic of Little Mama by herself-she's getting so big!

Kim said...

I hope soon that DJ and his little brother can join us soon one year. =]