Monday, September 03, 2007


Born Sept 5, 2004
11:23am -- one hour labor!
Name means: Pure Lamb

We celebrated Little Mama's birthday Sunday night. The original plan was to have a dress up party where everyone dressed up, but with busy schedules and lack of my planning in advance no one dressed up.... except the kids during the party. Here are a few pictures of her party. She hid her face while we sang Happy Birthday to her... don't know where she gets that from! Oh before the party we went upstairs to put on her birthday dress and some pretty jewelry. The jewelry is from the 1950's from a Dad Great Aunt. She loves to look at the jewelry and I tell her it is for special occasions and she was very excited to pick out a pair of earings and the butterfly pin to wear!

She eventually blew out her candles when Daddy, HooDoo and Peacock helped her! She got fun presents and beautiful dress up play clothes and accessories.

Eliana picked out some pretty shoes not knowing Peacock had picked out some shoes too. So here Eliana is wearing her pretty shoes and Little Mama is wearing her pretty shoes. She even let Eliana take home her purple shoes! Actually she gave something to everyone to take home! Grammy gave her a Dora Doll so she gave Grammy another doll to take home. Grandma went home with a baby tiger! Very sweet and thoughtful.

Eliana is fashioning the Tinker Bell outift.

Peacock had to join in on the fun and put on his Ninja Turtle outfit.

HooDoo joined in with his frog suit.

Smiley gave everyone hugs!


Kim said...

Looks like everyone had a fun time! The picture with Little Mama and Peacock and Eliana....Little Mama really looks a lot like her mommy did at that age!!!! Happy early birthday Little Mama!

Audrey said...

Imagine 6 little voices and one big voice singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

Hope it was a great day!

Laura said...

Please wish Little Mama a Happy Belated B-day from me. She's so cute! And a 1 hour labor-wow-that must have been nice-or maybe not so b/c that must have been 1 intense hour!