Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Well our new girl cousin is on her way. Please be in prayer for Leigh and Maggie/Charlotte!

Little Mama has all kinds of plans for her new girl cousin. This is what she wants to do with her. "I want to brush her hair, put a bow in her hair, put a pretty dress on her, paint her toenails, and then she will poop and pee and I will have to give her a bath. Then I can put a new dress on her. But she is not here for me to do that!"

We look forward to when we can see her, hold her and kiss her! Until then, I know Leigh will kiss her plenty for us and Grammy too while she is up there. Plus Ian has informed Leigh that he will change the diapers... you go little guy! What a big brother you are.

Will let you know when she is officially here..... :)

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