Saturday, August 18, 2007


Today Grammy and Gramps drove and picked up cousins Ian and James. They came over this evening to see us. The boys were excited! Here they are hugging each other.

We shall have a fun week with them....

Note: Yes Little Mama is a mess. We just finished supper in which she spilled grape juice on her leggings.


Emily said...

Very sweet. Cousins are so much fun. :)

silly me said...

thanks for coming by!
i'll be back often to see what y'all are up to.
what are the ages of your 4? they look so similar to mine!
to answer your question, my oldest started 1st grade officially and i'm pre-k-ing my 4 year old. i tried a couple of different maths last year - saxon and math-u-see and my boy nor i could get into them. and a friend recommended singapore. LOVE IT! i ordered all 4 workbooks - like the one in your school picture. after looking through them i decided to start my 5 year old in the 2nd year books and start my 4 year old in the 1st year kindergarten books. has worked out beautifully! they've each finished the first book in the set and when the oldest finishes his second we'll officially start with the first grade textbook and workbook. have you been using it long?