Thursday, August 23, 2007


I wanted to share some cute prayers in our house lately. Each show their different personalities and glimpse into their heart! Plus a funny story.

Peacock: Recently he has added "please help my name to be written in the Lamb's Book of Life."

HooDoo: normally does not want to pray and when he does it is a quick thank you for so and so amen. Lately his disobedience got him grounded from playing with his cousins for two days earlier this week. Nothing else was getting his attention but that did. So I took Peacock and Little Mama over to play and kept HooDoo and Smiley here with me. We had a LONG one on one heart talk about obedience, read scripture and prayed! Ever since then his prayers have really changed. He now ask God to help him with different temptations he knows he has. Like "oh yeah and if we are at Wal-Mart and I find a toy I like and I ask my Mom if I can get it and she says No. Then please help me to say 'Yes Ma'am' and that's it." Or "and help me not to get into the cookies when I am not supposed to."

Little Mama: Well let's just say that she has a very thankful heart! The other night she prayed for 7 minutes and the next night she prayed for 12 minutes! While the others pray she kneels quietly, hands folded, and eyes shut as much as possible. But when she prays her body starts squirming from all the thanking! She even thanked God for the dentist, the flamigoes, her beautiful purple dress because she loves it, her Mama and she loves her, and her mama's hair cause it is so pretty, for Daddy and he tickles me, for my bed, for the grass, the horses, goes on and on and on and on! Sometimes I think she has said Amen and I will ask her to which she replies "no I am am not done yet' and she will continue with another long breath!

So here is the funny story: yesterday we did school and then planned to go play with cousins afterwards. I asked the children who wanted to close our school time in prayer. Peacock said he did and he prayed. Then Little Mama said she wanted to pray and Peacock knowing she has long prayers asked "can you pray later so we can go play?" But we allowed her to pray and waited patiently for her "Amen!"

On a different note: Smiley has taken up to sucking his thumb! Who ever heard of a sixteen month old starting to suck his thumb now? I thought I was a thumb sucker free child again! I guess he sees his two brothers doing it and think it is a boy thing to do!


Audrey said...

Very cute prayers.

We have two thumb suckers out of 7, I guess we are doing good. Thats a hard one to kick for some reason. My 7 year old struggles to stop. Sigh.

I hope you are doing well, how is the pregnancy going? Any ideas yet as to what you are having? ha I know its a baby, but what flavor do you think it is? LOL

Laura said...

Those are the sweetest prayers, Letisha. So glad you're recording all this.
How old is Little Mama now?

rcsnickers said...

Laura --

She will be 3 next month on Grace's birthday!

And she wants lots of dolls for her birthday!