Thursday, August 16, 2007

Occasionally we have the privilege of feeding Grammy and Gramps dogs for them. The kids love this job and often remind me to not forget to the key so they can get their treat! :) Here they are at the jobs.

HooDoo filling a bowl.

Little Mama putting the lid back on the can that holds the dog food.

Peacock filling the water bowl.

Smiley enjoying his treat, or reward for walking over with us! :)

Thought Grammy would enjoy these pictures.... Thanks for the fun this give us and thanks for the treats you share with us!!!!


Kim said...

They look like they are having a lot of fun! Smiley is definitely enjoying his part in the fun. =]

Carol said...

Hi Letisha,

Thanks for coming back to read my comment to your comment and give me your addy. I see you are using My Father's World also. I'm still going back and forth about curriculum. I've had Sonlight until now, and it didn't go so well, but for some reason I am so scared to change!

As for Explode the Code and Singapore. I'd say if it seems too easy, just increase the pace or review orally and move along. There is no reason you have to do every lesson, kwim? For my kids I tend to push along to fast, and always have to tell myself that they don't have to do work above grade level like so and so. It's just so hard to live it out.

Well, I enjoyed "meeting" you.


Carol said...

That was me

www homeschoolblogger com/threelittleladies

Emily said...

They're so cute. :) Kids naturally love animals, don't they! We used to love "dogsitting" for the neighbors!