Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Last week and this week Peacock and HooDoo have been taking swimming lessons. Peacock is loving it and really trying to learn. He is especially glad to have goggles and can see under water. HooDoo is getting better. He is afraid of the deep water and the size of the pool. As a reward for doing well they got to go down a slide which ends in the deeper end of the pool (4ft). That was exciting. They have asked me everyday when will they get to down the slide. I figured it would be a reward for the end of all their lessons. But they got to go down twice last week! Little Mama has enjoyed sitting by the step and having her feet in the water. One day she wore her bathingsuit under her dress and sat on the steps in the water. She was sly and determined to get in like her brothers. It has been a fun two weeks of swimming lessons. Wish I could jump in the pool with them.... of course, I would have to buy a bathing suit and get over some fear factors.

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Laura said...

How exciting! I can't wait until Ella starts swimming.