Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Saturday evening while we were playing outside I heard a meow sound. Unusual sound in our yard, but I started to look and listen for the sound again. Sure enough there was a kitten walking down the road along our fence. Well when it spotted Little Mama and HooDoo playing in the yard by the fence he slipped through the fence. He laid on the grass in front of them and started rolling. Wanting to play. For Little Mama this was like giving her gold, or even chocolate! She was soooo excited! It won the hearts of all of us, or almost all of us, from start. We did enjoy our evening with the cat. Eliana and Garrett even got to come over and see the kitten. Then we had our first scare or action. Mom's big dogs walked up the road and spotted the kitten in our yard. The barking made the cat run. Thankfully it was near the fence on the side with the trees. The kitten climbed up the tree and was not killed by the dogs. It was not until after 9pm did I finally get the kitten out of the tree. Then it went back under our porch... where it is safe.

Was not sure if the kitten would still be there when we woke up. I thought it would go home. But sure enough, it was still there waiting for someone to pet it and play with it. Little Mama cannot say no to that offer. So we fed the kitten some milk. We can't let the kitten starve, now can we? We went to church and on the way home I actually hoped it was still there. Little Mama even said to here "Hi Kitty, I missed you." ohh too sweet. She is cute you know. Well she is still here as of now!

Her name? Well if Little Mama had her say she would name it Nala. Peacock says Susan. I have no idea the name HooDoo is saying. But I think the final decision is "Kitty." Original huh? But really, when they call for her they say "here kitty kitty kitty" so why not name it that?

Our only concerns... how do we get this kitten and our attacking dogs to not attack a furry running kitten? To them it is an intruder, invader of their property, a chase, a toy, etc. Do all cats kill birds for fun? We love our birds and do not want them killed by a cat. Plus it is another animal to feed. We already have 3 big dogs and they eat a lot. Will cats eat dog food? I figure if she is hungry she will eat anything. So far she is only eating milk. I might give her some tuna fish tomorrow an see if she likes that. My kids don't particularly like it.

[Yes, I know it is 1am in the morning... don't even ask me why I am up. My brain is pondering on so many different topics it will not shut down.]


Elise said...

I am allergic. So I cannot comment.


Audrey said...

Umm, well. It is very cute! I would worry about the dogs catching it. Our dogs ate the neighbors cat a few months back. I felt so bad, but it was in our yard.

I would not count on it eating dog food, yet cat food is pretty inexpensive.

cute though!

Laura said...

how sweet-yes, cats LOVE tuna fish-at least the ones I've had. Poor birds-and yes, I think all cats are like that too.