Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I came across this cesarean birth video (55 minutes and very detailed!) that I thought was really good. The doctor explained why he was doing the procedures and types of sutures. Information I would want to know if an emergency c-section was needed.
"1.2 million c-sections performed every year making it the most common procedure in the United States." Late in the video the doctor stated that their c-section rate in 2000 was 12% and as of 6 months ago is was about 32%! What an increase in rates.

This is a funny Monty Python Birth Video that Sarah came across and sent the link to me. I am no Python fan... tried to watch the movie but only lasted maybe 10 minutes. But this is just hilarious! My favorite line is when the mother asks what she can do and the doctor answers "nothing dear, you are not qualified!"

Enjoy and hope no one is offended or gets sick from the cutting. I personally enjoy watching surgery videos!


Erin said...

Thailand has banned YouTube =(

I terrified of having a C-section... better knock me out first. I know how they're done and the risks involved. Yikes! The "best" top 3 hospitals (private ones ) in Bangkok have scary C-section rates: 90%, 88%, 50%. Of course the gov't hospitals with poor women have low rates. It's so much about the money and so little about who actually needs one.

rcsnickers said...

Seriously? I am sorry they have banned you tube... you would really love this one!

What scary high rates. I thought 1.2 million a year for U.S. was bad!

Thankfully you are surrounded by prayer. I cannot wait to hear about your twin birth.