Thursday, June 14, 2007


Lesson: Be kind one to another, tender hearted. How can we be tender hearted to someone?

Their craft was to paint with .... kool-aid! Yep, they painted coffee filter and took a clothes pin to shape butterflies! Easy, pretty and fun.

After lunch they went outside to spray paint a sheet. The paint is made with paint, soap and water. Nothing to hurt anyone. They enjoyed spraying the paint. Of course, all the colors blended together to end up a purplish brown color. At one point they were painting from both sides and it was going through the sheet. I think Ian was covered the most with paint. Everyone had yellow hair and red spots on them. Good thing Peacock wore his goggles or he would of gotten his eyes.

After dinner we had a birthday party for Ian and Peacock since Ian will not be here next month for his birthday! Mom got them each a gift.

Then they made a bird feeder out of water bottles. Hope the birds come and eat!

I had a doctor appointment this morning (got to hear the baby's heartbeat!!!). Then after camp we went to my Mom's to spend the afternoon with her since she leaves Saturday for Tanzania.


Leigh said...

Thank you so much Letisha! I love the pictures.

rcsnickers said...

You are more than welcome Leigh! Thought you would enjoy seeing the kids everyday and what they did!

Thanks for allowing us this opportunity with the boys.