Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Today was our field trip to the McWane Center.... an adventure in science. It was packed with fun and a lot to do. We did not even see and do everything. This was our first time there so we learned. One their is no 2nd Ave exit in the direction we were coming. Also learned our 15 passenger van does not fit in their parking garage which is free for members. We had to park down the road, and down another road and pay for the meter parking (2hrs). Sarah had to go back and pay for another 2 hrs. We got twisted in our directions leaving but we made it home. Now we know next time.

Lots of pictures but enough to skim our day of science!

The big boys in a infrared monitor

Peacock at the Bob the Builder


The boys in the wind tunnel

Future house builders for their families.

The girls at Bob the Builder set

All the kids with Bob. Smiley walking to Mommy!

Grammy and the big boys went to see the IMAX on a hurricane. We took the younger to the water area. They got see fresh water fish, walk through a submarine and see salt water fish. Plus a turtle.

Eliana, Garrett, James, and Little Mama


The boys lifting themselves up... Peacock made it to the top by himself!

One of the big boys running through making multiples of himself!

Water holding the balls up.

Ian flying a plane without looking!

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Elizabeth said...

I am so impressed! What wonderful memories you're making for them and you too. I really love your ideas and the way you incorporate so much learning and fun into one day! Amazing!