Friday, June 15, 2007


Easy, quiet day. We actually did not get together until 12pm. We took a group picture of the kids holding the flag the made.

They painted seashells.

Here are James (20 months), Garrett (16 months), and Smiley (14 months) being bad!

Early tomorrow morning Grammy and Gramps take Ian and James back home. We have enjoyed our cousin camp this week. We have experience now and know what to do differently next time. The kids did really well for a busy week. Ian and James were great for being away from Mommy and Daddy.

I want to thank Mom for a wonderful week! She did an exceptional job keeping it going and smooth. Yeah the footprints did not work out but everything else went great. She planned and paid for everything! It was a joy for me to photograph the week of memories. She is the creative and giving one. One whom I can learn a many lessons from.


Audrey said...

you guys are awesome! what a blessing it is to do what yall are doing! my family is so split and torn and seeing yours brings me hope that my children will one day be able to enjoy one another and their own families.

rcsnickers said...

Oh I agree. Growing up we were not near family. I have very limited memories of playing or interacting with my cousins. Of course, honestly they were all unsaved and nothing in common. So I am thankfull and cherishing everyday that we live right near both Grandparents (well minus my Dad) and cousins near by or visit often.

Now if I could just get my brother and his family closer..... but at least he is near his other Grandma.