Tuesday, June 05, 2007


This past weekend our good friend Laurance and Kimberly had their first child, a son! God blessed them with a wonderful natural birth and a healthy son. They planned on a baby shower and had the baby instead! God allowed the family to be in town, well minus the overseas missionaries of the family. The whole family is a missionary in their life testimony to God!

We are VERY exciting for you. Kiss him for us. Lord willing, we can get together in July! Love ya guys!!!!!

[Laura has a beautiful slide show of the beautiful family... tis so sweet!]


Laura said...

Does that mean you're coming to the July 4th reunion? That would be wondeful! It's going to be held on Saturday, July 7th this year. If you think you'll be coming, would you stay through Sunday? We're having Emily's baby shower Sunday, July 8 at 2:00pm at Mama's. We thought we'd have this one way in advance! :-)

Let me know if you think you'll be able to come...

Erin said...

ooh, can I come? LOL Yes, go join the 4th reunion, it is loads of fun and the kids would love it. If you're up to it though!

rcsnickers said...

Ohhh I wish on a few things here. That Erin could come to the 4th and that we could as well. What I meant is that Laurance had stated visiting us but we thought it would be impossible with just having or being near the due date. But now he will a month old so maybe Lord willing they can fit the time to come. If they cannot, I will still be praying that we could somehow miraculously make it that way. Really want to see everyone again.

Erin, can you imagine ALL the kids next summer when you visit? Oh the joy that will be!!!!!