Friday, June 01, 2007


Okay, I was going to finally post on our trip to my sister's for Sarah's graduation when I noticed on the blogger dashboard page that they have made a way for me to add a picture on the top of my blog! I have always tried to add it through old HTML but have no clue what to do and will not pay for blog design... though some people have beautiful blog layouts from blog designs! Anyway, it finally up and running. Now I will have fun playing and finding the right picture for the header! yeah....

As for our trip to my sister's. We had great fun... though very sad that Daniel had to work and it was doing the week so he could not come. Then to find out he got off work early Thursday (hour and half after we left) and did not work Friday. Could of gone after all. Guess that would be a great reason to have a cell phone?

Anyway, my Mom drove up with us. It was such a nice relaxing visit. Enjoyed by all. When we got there and Little Mama saw Aunt Kimmy she was smiles from ear to ear. Then when she saw Nala their cat, or the joy she had! Nala is her best animal friend.

Friday we hung out around the house. The boys rode on the back of the lawn mower, we chatted, ate, played, went to the graduation that night. Graduation was "really boring" as said by Peacock. I would not know, the presentation of the diplomas came about the time Smiley had had enough and was ready to sleep. So I left with him while the first row was receiving their diplomas. I returned with a sleeping babe when the last row was receiving their diplomas! Oh well... at least Kim video taped it! Come to find out Hoo Doo cried for me when I left because he could not come with me. But he had plenty of crackers and Starburst to eat. After graduation we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner. Little Mama fell asleep in my arms before her dinner was served. We returned to Kim's about 11:30pm and tried to make a campfire to do a few s'mores. We told the boys we would that night. Well we had one and decided to just eat more for breakfast in the morning. Jonathan, Mom, Peacock and HooDoo and me slept in the tent. Little Mama was sound asleep with Sarah and Rebekah. Smiley slept in Kim's room.

Saturday we decided to go to the park to grill instead of grilling at home. They have a Centennial park which is really nice. It has a small lake where the boys got to fish. First time for our boys. They enjoyed it. Peacock was not too excited about touching the fish. HooDoo thought it was great fun and wanted to reel in every fish they caught. We threw the fish back in the water.

We walked over to a park area. Oh yeah, this park does not have grills so we had to buy an instant grill which worked out nice. So we ate grilled hot dogs and hamburger (original huh?) and played. We got some pictures. Then we had to leave about 2:45pm later than I wanted but it is always so hard to leave family.

We had a quiet drive home. The kids travel pretty well for the few times we have traveled!

Lots of pictures to choose from and wish it was a longer visit! Look forward to next year when Rebekah graduates and more kids. LORD WILLING DAN, KIM AND DJ CAME COME DOWN TOO!!!!! (big hint in those capital letters!!!! hee hee)


Sarah said...

Love the picture at the top!:) And the boys look so handsome in their nice shirts and ties!

Audrey said...

Looks like yall had a great time! I like the new look of your blog, especially the lines around the pictures and the picture at the top.

Have a great week!

Laura said...

love your new design! :-) little mama is really growing up!

Elizabeth said...

What a fun trip! Your kids are so cute. God has given you some amazing blessings, and more to come! Thanks for posting these.

Elise said...

A fun time had by all!

Great pic at the top - I'm so glad you were able to do it! It's fun, yes?