Friday, June 08, 2007


I just realized June 6th was my 1st blogging birthday. Wow, thanks for sticking around with me through my such exciting life! Now you know me, outside of very limited topics I have no other thoughts! But atlas my favorite topic (birth) will be a regular here with this pregnancy!!!

My first post was on a daughter and I will stick to the theme. I cannot tell you how fun it is to have a daughter! Girls are just sweet. She constantly carries a baby, or stuffed animal as her baby, she often carries her purse to the store or church, she loves her dresses, the list goes on.

Her mommy skills are excellent. When I change Smiley's diaper she has to get a wipe and diaper to change her baby right next to me. Then puts it all in the diaper pail. She puts her baby down for a nap and we whisper to be quiet. She nurses her baby when he is hungry. She pushes her baby in a stroller or carries him in a sling.

Even in a midst of brothers and most likely more brothers, she is still a girl and is not afraid to follow her brothers in fighting bad guys.


Sarah said...

Happy blogging anniversary!

Audrey said...

Happy Bloggy B-day!

Yep, girls are wonderfully sweet!

Miss hearing from you!

Laura said...

Happy 1-year, Letisha! :-)
Yes, aren't girls precious?!
Ella has just started tyring to give her teddy bear some of mommy's milk. Aww, how sweet-she's learning to share!