Saturday, January 20, 2007


Back in August I bought an index card holder and put Bible Verses in them for us to learn. You can review it here. Well I bought a second one back then to put pictures of family/friends in to pray for during the day. It never made it in the holder. Was too much work scanning and printing all the pictures.

Well as the Christmas cards were coming in, I got the idea to put them in a basket and grab one during the day to pray for. Well I did not have a basket and always forgot to look for one while shopping so I put all the cards on a bread plate. I figure if and when I make bread we can just take the cards out for that evening. My final idea was to put contact paper on them so little sticky hands can view them during meals and pictures/cards are not ruined! So here is our new idea of what to do with Christmas cards.

For the cards, I cut them in half and put the front and inside facing out. That way the kids can see the picture and the other side says our friends/family names.

If you did not send us a card, well I forgive you! hee hee Your picture is in there anyway...

NOTE: A second friend has informed me that I sent them a lovely BLANK evevelope. I am sorry and hope I did not send out more blank envelopes! I will make up for it, I promise!


Audrey said...

What a wonderful idea, you are so creative!

I used to save all the cards that anyone in the family received and Rob and I went through them the other day. It was so fun. We even came across mushy letters that he gave to me and I to him, LOL

Now after I realized that I could essentially end up with boxes full of letters by the time I'm an old lady, I only keep the pictures or ones that are super yours ;-)

Laura said...