Monday, January 22, 2007


Saturday night we went to World Market and bought a bench. We wanted two benches but they only had one. They gave us a raincheck and will call us when another bench is in for us to come pick up! I am soooo excited! We have been wanting benches for the table for some time now, and finally got the money for it! I really like them. They are made of rubberwood from Thailand. Solid and heavy. No worry of kids tipping them over. Now the little ones can sit and eat. As HooDoo said "now I can sit and see my food!" Hopefully one day we can get the matching table and two chairs. But for now, we have a table!

Normally I would not think Thailand to be so special, but since we have friends living in Thailand, well that makes it special!!!
Thanks Leigh for telling us about this store in the first place. Thanks Mom for the 40% off coupons!

Now folks, this is an extraordinary toy! You can get your extraordinary toy at Burger King! What is it? Well it is Jesus in the Kids Meal! Yes, folks, you read that correctly. We stopped by BK for dinner Saturday night and when I gave Little Mama her wobbly head toy she excitedly proclaimed "Jesus, Jesus!" Well he does have a crown on (King of Kings) and he is wearing a robe! He has brown hair and a beard. Every picture you see of Jesus he looks like that! So to her it is Jesus! Better hurry and get one for your child before they run out!

UPDATE: we bought the second bench the following Saturday! Now everyone can fit at the table. When family visit they can sit with us at the table and not either on the floor, couch, child size seat, or standing at the counter!


Elise said...

I love World Market! I love to walk the aisles and imagine what I would get if I could afford it (it's not that expensive, though!) and if I had the space!
I told my hubby about the Burger King toy - thanks for the laugh!
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E-mail me if you have any more questions!

chickadee said...

just wanted to let you know i stopped by for a visit. the bench looks great. i used to have a table similar to that with benches.

Audrey said...

Great bench... my sister has the living room set (coffee table and shelving) in the same style. Wow though, that seems expensive for a bench, but if you got 40% off then that is awesome!

I have been asking (bugging) Rob to build me a new table and chairs for a while now. We can only seat 6 at ours now so we dont all eat together. But I love the bench idea and I think we will go with that when he does get around to it.

rcsnickers said...

Actually, if you buy the benches separately with 40% off each it comes out to be less than the online sale. So we did that! Plus, it helps that we got our state return back and that is what we did with it! Otherwise, we would still be sitting in children size chairs and Daniel on the couch!

With all the good work that Rob does I am sure he could build you an excellent set. The benches help seat more people/chilren around the table. I call it the Walton's style!

Hope you have your baby soon!!!


Laura said...

LOVE the bench and what a great deal at 40% off!
The Jesus toy-too cute!

Emily said...

Awesome bench...beautiful and sturdy. I'd never heard of World Market but am going to check it out now!

rcsnickers said...


You will love the store! I have to admit, I just really love our benches! I know it is materialistic of me, but I really love them. It is nice being able to all sit at the table, and not down close to the floor.


Emily said...

Love World Market! And the prices aren't that bad, you just have to pick and choose.