Wednesday, January 24, 2007


My Mom bought the movie "Beyond The Gates of Splendor." YOu know the story about the 5 missionary men killed in Ecuador. Well this is a documentary with interviews from the wives, missionary friends, etc. Excellent. I cried and cried. Must see!

We went to library and picked up a stack of books thanks to Elise's Book Reviews!

okay, my heart is very sad from watching this show! I am going to cry and read a book with my kiddos.


Elise said...

I will definitely have to watch this! Thanks!

org junkie said...

Hello! Thanks for coming by my site and saying hello! I really appreciate it. You'll have to remember to take before and after pictures of the next drawers you organize!


rcsnickers said...

I know, I thought about the before/after pictures when I finished. Plus, my camera does not have a flash so they would of been blurry and yellow/orange cast.


Stacy said...

I read this book about a year ago and it was excellent. Haven't seen this, so we'll have to rent it one of these days.
Thanks for the recommendation!

rcsnickers said...


I want to make it clear that there is a movie version called "The End of the Spear" I believe. That was okay. Good clean movie. Not acutally filmed in Ecuador so that was a bummer for me. This version is way better. To see actual footage/pictures faces of the people just spoke to my heart.

Really must buy it! Every christian family should own it. My Mom bought it at Wal-Mart, should be about $10!

Loved the book, or anything with Elisabeth Elliot!


Laura said...

We just saw End of the Spear and that made me cry. Already have Beyond in my Blockbuster Queue list. Looking forward to watching it.

Sarah said...

I want to borrow it! I didn't like End of the Spear at all for several reasons - bad music, changed the story too much, bad acting (perhaps they'd have done better with a variety of actors instead of having the same guy play both Nate and Steve Saint?). But I've wanted to see Beyond the Gates of Splendor since I first heard about it! Thanks in advance to your mom who I know will be gracious enough to let me see it!:D

rcsnickers said...

Sarah --

My Mom said you and Mom could borrow it, of course. I will give it to you!