Thursday, January 18, 2007


It is strange what a child will pick up on. In Bible we are studying Moses and leading the people to the promised land. We read in Numbers 13-14 where he sent 12 spies to look over the land. One of the spies said a great line and I thought hey you guys can say this when you are fighting the bad guys. "Let us go at once and capture the land, for with God's help, we are strong enough." (okay, not KJV version, but kid version adapted). They got a laugh at that phrase.

Well today we read Numbers 20 where God told Moses to speak to the rock and water would flow out of it. Instead Moses disobeyed and got angry with people and hit the rock. Water did come out of the rock, but God was angry with Moses. God said "Because you did not obey Me, you made the people think the water came by your power and not mine; I must punish you. I will not let you lead my people into the promised land of Cannan. I will choose someone else." They know who God chooses next. They know Romans 6:23 "For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

So in play time between Little Mama and HooDoo this is what I hear.
HooDoo: come on Mommy let's go. (Both pushing a cart start to head off.)
Me: what are you doing?
HooDoo: Her baby is disobeying and we are leaving it to die. We are going to get another baby.
Me: What? That's horrible!
HooDoo: No it's not. She is disobeying and is now going to die.
Me: You can't do that! You disobey and I don't leave you to die, right?
(thinking to myself, where did he even get this idea? While talking to Sarah I realized he got this from our bible lesson today. Why in the world would he take this to play and not the great "let us go at once and capture the land, for with God's help, we are strong enough"?


Audrey said...

He's just a matter of fact kinda guy. LOL You have to admire that.


rcsnickers said...

Yeah, I guess you are right. I did think it was funny how he chose that to act out. Then last night I read about a Father in NC who did the worst of all things to his 4 year old daughter. I have never heard of a parent killing their child like he did. It really disturbed me and I felt guilty for thinking my son's play time acting out was funny.

The family definately needs our prayer. Just disgusting, horrible, unthinkable. What could an innocent adorable 4 year old girl do to deserve what he did to her!


Audrey said...

I havent heard about that, although I just saw on the news that the lady here in TX that c*t *ff her babies arms, sorry I cant even typ that out its so horrible, is due for sentencing in a few days.

I think we have to just know that these people are possesed by evil in what ever form it has attached itself to them.

Poor precious baby girl...she is in a much better place now!! Arent we blessed to have such wonderful, awesome husbands!!!! As well as our own sound minds!


rcsnickers said...

Thanks for the ((((Hugs))))

We just need to remember these families in our prayers! Such a tragedy.