Wednesday, January 03, 2007


.... that my children are not the only silly children in the world!

This is "you." Everytime I say to Little Mama "this is a picture of you" she now refers to her pictures as "you!"
Forgot to mention: she "nursed" her baby for the first time last week! yeah!

This is HooDoo pretnding to be a pregnant Mommy. Peacock is his nurse. I think they are performing an amniocentsis with the needle. He is having twins and the pants on his head is his long hair!


Audrey said...

ROTFL! I really needed that laugh today!! I love the pants for long hair!!

When my mom was staying here she kept saying that Eve needed a bottle for her dolls, and I kept telling her I dont think she would know what to do with it as she had never had a bottle. I cant wait to see if after watching me nurse Ava she tries it with her babies.

She's a funny one though, she brings me her babies to hold For her. Then if I lay them down she gets upset and brings them back to me.

Emily said...

That is hilarious!! I love that she "nursed" her dolly! Cute kids...I bet they keep you laughing. :)