Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Daniel's plant has a shut down in July and December. He got off Dec 21st and went back today. We enjoyed everyday he was home with us and did not want to go back to work. Of course, we do not want to start school either... hence me on the computer instead of doing school. oopps! Well to overcap our days....

First we took our car to the shop to get the tranmission fixed... it is gonna be expensive.

We always do a lot of cleaning around the house, or reorganizing when he is off. I started to wash the windows. I was working on the kitchen sink window and pulled the top half inward to wash the outside (double hung windows). Well somehow the outside seal had broken and water got into the window frame causing it to rot out. The hook that hangs the window came out and we had to take the whole window out. Daniel duct taped some plastic around the window to keep the cold out and warm in. We took the window and receipt (bought it 5 years ago) back to Home Depot and was told we needed to go to Lowe's since they now sell that brand. Went to Lowe's and was told we need to talk to Pella themselves. Came home and called Pella and they sent someone out to look at the window. They said it will be covered and they will send us a new window in two weeks! Okay, fine. The plastic is working for now, but I do miss my birds. I ended up just cleaning the windows inside.

Daniel and the guys had a big XBox party. 13 guys and 1 lady (wife of one of the guys) playing Call of Duty (WWII game)and Halo2 from 7pm - 3 or 4 am! Let's see they consumed 4 16" pizzas, chips, 2 cases of Mountain Dew, 1 case of Pepsi, I lost of count of how many Monster Energy drinks they consumed. They had a really good time. As Andy said "the angry word for the night is 'Biscuit!" The guys are all church friends. I have fun watching them. Bryan drove in from GA and stayed till Saturday afternoon visiting with us.

We went to my Sister's for New Years Eve. Wonderful easy trip up and back. Wonderful visit with them. Kim (hopefully) will send me pictures and I will write more on that later. Although, here is a picture of Kim chasing Rebekah's rabbit! It was funny.

Overall, we had a wonderul time with Daniel. Playing games, putting puzzles together, just being together every minute of the day! It seems there is more to write, but this is long enough. I guess those are the major events of the past two weeks.


Laura said...

So glad Daniel was able to have a good long vacation time w/y'all. What fun! And glad Pella is going to pay for that window.
Sorry about the car transmission...

rcsnickers said...

Yes we do enjoy his plant shut downs. The hard part is no vactation time between the two shut down dates.

We still have not heard on our transmission... cost or when it will be ready.

As for the window back in two weeks, well I called them yesterday (2wk mark) and was told the order was going in today and it will be two weeks before the window arrives! So in the meantime, our downstairs is about 55 degrees due to the ac/heat unit turned off.

Oh well... our house is still standing!!