Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Here is Smiley's new favorite place to climb!

Little Mama on her way to "Grandma's house." She is ready -- got her babies, cart, phone, keys, purse and protection. Her protection? A small yellow watergun in her pretty pink purse! Yep, it is in there! Are we teaching her right at young age Uncle David?

HooDoo showing his new spiderman shirt! Has not taken it off since uh Sunday!

Peacock showing his new friend name "Chandalier."


Audrey said...

I have that very same mirror with the coat hangers on it. It must have been so nice to have hubby home for a short time. Rob has decided that he is not taking anymore jobs with his construction company in 2007 and instead will be spending it around here!!!

Every minute off of his "day job" is spent working on someones house. I cant wait to have him home more!

Sarah said...

Tell Caleb I like his cool shirt and tell Joshua that Chandelier looks like a great whale! I bet he and giant Nemo would have a great time together!