Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I finally hung up this picture! Only took me 5 years to figure where I really wanted to put it!

We moved our bookshelf into the dining room/kitchen area and out of the downstairs green room (aka play room). I really like it here. It makes more sense to have it right here. The phone books are near the phone and we can put our school stuff on the shelves! Now the freezer that used to be here is in the laundry room. That is my next room to tackle and organize. Such a disaster right now! I would be embarrassed to even show a picture of it! Oh dear. At least it is stuff and not piles of dirty clothes in there!

oh, you like my new light fixture for the table? I love it! Mom found it for a really good deal at Lowe's! Thanks!!!! Birthday money and feeding the dogs put to good use!

Now the pantry closet (though never was a pantry closet -- space under the stairs) is a toy closet! I still want another longer shelf to put in there. All the toys in the green room was too much and impossible to keep out of the walkway. So far this is working.

Wish you all could come in person!


Laura said...

Your house looks lovely! :-) And yes, love the new light fixture!

Emily said...

I love peeking inside other people's houses...so it's fun looking at yours! You have great taste, and I love the fixture above the table. In fact it was the first thing I noticed in the picture. Even better that you got it for a deal. :)

rcsnickers said...


Emily-- I too love to see other people's house. It is very interesting in their style and way of organizing/setting up! You will have so much fun decorating your house to your style.