Thursday, January 04, 2007


We went to my sister Kim's house for New Years Eve (3 hour drive). We had a lot of fun. Jonathan (her youngest age 12) thought to give the boys a treasure hunt. He picked out some toys he knew they would like to keep. With the help of his Dad and David (age 14) they drew up a map and clues. The boys absolutely loved it even though it rained during the treasure hunt. Very thoughtful of them to do this for the boys.

We always go for a walk when we are together. Here are Peacock, Little Mama, Smiley and HooDoo sitting in the garden wagon. Good thing we had some strong boys (Jonathan and David) to pull them! We were hoping to see horses but had fun just walking and talking together!

Here are some pictures to capture the day!

Aunt Kimmy and Smiley -- They have two Aunt Kim's so they call this one Kimmy to distinguish which Kim they are talking about!

Mom peeling potatoes -- why does she always get that job?

Me with Sarah (17yo) and Rebekah (16yo)

Boys playing a hummer driving game. Uh, Peacock getting frustrated with the Hummer driving game because he could not steer the hummer.

Boys wresting with Daniel -- David is under everybody!

Peacock is proud ofhis karate kick!
Who got hurt? No one got hurt but Daniel did chip his bottom tooth! Yikes. That is rough wrestling! I think HooDoo's head hit his mouth!

Only wish this little guy DJ, Dan and Kim could of been here to visit with us! Seems strange not seeing them this year. Hey, he is even wearing blue and red so they could play SuperMan or SpiderMan together!


Audrey said...

Its such a blessing to have a great family!

One of the clues that wrestling time is over around here is when someone gets hurt. LOL

Rob is always teaching the boys submission moves and how to pin each other down. ;-)

ahhh testosterone, what would we do without it?

rcsnickers said...

YES it is! I just wish my whole famiy lived closer and could get together more often!

Oh I could only imagine what the wrestling would be like at your house with all the boys!


Laura said...

Love the wagon pic-too cute!