Monday, August 14, 2006


If you have not read "How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?" by Bob Merrill you have to check it out! That book makes me cry! Daniel could not believe I was tearied after reading it, but man, it is too sweet! You know the song, well the book goes beyond how much is that doggie in the window. Next :
"That doggie's on sale for sixty dollars.
I'd even take five dollars off.
But you only have eleven fifty
I'm sorry but that's not enough.

Perhaps you would rather by a hamster,
A gerbil or maybe some mice?
These lizards and snakes are simply splendid.
I'll take fifty cents off the price."

"Oh no mister, no, I want that doggie
Just look how he's wagging at me.
I'll go find a way to make some money
And I'll buy him, just wait and see."

"I thought I'd sell lemonade on Monday-
Now that's a good plan, don't you think?
But it rained all day and most of Tuesday
And no one came out for a drink." -- that's sad!

"On Wednesday and Thursday I felt lousy-
I had a bad cold in my head.
The weather was great, but I ws achy
And had to spend two days in bed."

"On Friday my little baby sister (about 3yrs old)
Fell down and banged up her knee.
I went out and bought her frozen yogurt
And she was as pleased as could be" -- how thoughtful/sweet!

"On Saturday Mom was in the garden-
A bee stung her right on the toe.
I went out and bought her chocolate candy.
It made her feet better, you know" -- oh yeah!

"On Sunday my Daddy got allergic.
He sneezed and his eyes itched real bad.
I went out and bought a box of tissues
And spent almost all that I had."

"So that's why I didn't earn a penny,
I guess that I'm plain out of luck.
Last Monday I had eleven fifty
And now I have less than a buck."

"Oh, where is that doggie in the window?
Oh, where did that cute doggie go?
I know that I can't afford to buy him.
I just thought I'd come say, "Hello."

"Some people stopped in and bought that doggie
For their very special young son.
They bought him the dog so they could thank him
For all the nice things he had done."

Can that be the doggie from the window?
I wonder can that really be?
Oh, what a surprise! I never figured
That lucky young boy would be me." -- crying my eyes out!

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