Monday, August 14, 2006


First I want to say that last night we had a Sunday Sundaes as a whole family before David, Leigh, Ian and James moved away! It was a lot of fun. The boys loved making their own sundae (pouring a whole bottle of chocolate sprinkles), Little Mama and Eliana danced while David and Derek played the piano, James crawled under the end table, a big light saber/sword fight with the boys and big boys! My pictures did not turn out so great but Sarah has wonderful shots from the sundae party.

Today we got up early 6am and headed over to Grammy's for a breakfast and to see them off! May God give Leigh patience as she is driving the car with the boys! May the boys be especially good on this trip and long time being in the car! It was very hard to see them leave. My family all live in different states so for once I had a whole family close by. It was nice. We will see them again in Thanksgiving, but will miss the everyday or weekend visits with them. Peacock has always said he misses Ian. He said "Now we just have Eliana to play with. I guess HooDoo will have to be Dark Vador." After they left we, Sarah, Eliana and Garrett stayed and visited with Mom. Then Peacock rode the big tractor -- thanks for letting them keep it here -- and pushed the younger ones on it as well as helping them steer in the right direction. They had fun.

Eventually we left to head to town for the bank, Sam's and library. Got to the bank later than I usually get there! I pulled into the parking lot and realized some cars in unusual positions for the drive through. There were quite a bit of cars in the parking lot which was unusual. I figured because it was later than I normally arrive. Well I pulled on farther and around in the parking lot I came to a man setting up a news camera. I stopped and asked if the bank was robbed. He said yes, it was this morning! Exactly the time I normally get to the bank. WOW, thank you God for letting us leave late and missing the bank robbery. I would of been in there with all four of my precious gifts from God. Who knows what harm could of been done or scare the children. I heard it made the news and it said they tied up the employees during the robbery! Man, would we of been tied up as well? God's perfect timing and protection for us! As for the boys, well they love the Disney book "The Haunted House" where Mickey, Donald Duck and Pluto catch the bank robbers. They were imagining the bank robbers like the ones in the book!

We skipped the bank since it would be closed for the rest of the day -- hey, give the bank tellers a raise and vacation time too to get over the scary position they were just put through! We did our shopping at Sam's and drove over to the gas station. Peacock spotted a Penske moving truck, same company David and Leigh rented, and said "hey, look it's Uncle David and Aunt Leigh!" Oh I so wish it was!

David and Leigh made it safely to their hotel in Virginia. We miss you guys and love you!!!

We should hear in a day or two how Ben's laser surgery for his throat went. Pray it was able to fix it without needing more surgery.

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