Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Erin -- I guess we are nerds of a different kind! Here is a midwife quiz... let' s see how everyone does!

1-At one month the hands of a newborn are primarily ___ and at 3 months they are primarily ___.

o closed, open
o open, closed

2-Which are true about the ovary:
o the ovary is not attached to the uterus
o produce no hormones on their own
o remains the same size from puberty on
o none, all statements are false

3-A cord which is attached to one side of the placenta is an_______ insertion, a cord attached to the margin is a______ insertion and if the vessels break up and run into the membrane before reaching the placenta is a _____ insertion.
o eccentric, velamentous, battledore
o battledore, eccentric, velamentous
o eccentric, battledore, velamentous

4-A newborn loses heat through
o evaporation
o conduction
o convection
o radiation
o insensible water loss through skin, feces, urine, respiration
o all of the above

5-The adrenal glands are situated on top of the
o ovaries
o kidneys
o ureters

6-Collectively, the ovaries, fallopian tubes and supporting ligaments are called
o secundines
o adnexa
o Pouch of Douglas

7-Operculum = mucous plug.
o True o False

8-Premature separation of the normally implanted placenta is
o placenta accreta
o placenta previa
o placenta percreta
o none of the above

9-On the 3rd day postpartum the fundus should be:
o at or below the umbilicus
o just above the pubic bone

10- The relationship of the fetal head and limbs to its body is called:
o flexion
o attitude

Good luck!


Audrey said...

I'll take the F I so deserve. I wont start midwifery school for another few months, ask again in two years. LOL

Sarah said...

Well where are the answers?! Do you really know all or most of those? I've never heard most of those terms. Where did you get that quiz?