Friday, June 23, 2006


The youngest of my bridesmaids just recently got married -- truly wish I could of been there to see her wedding! It made me wonder how many children have been born since our wedding. Well my sister and Daniel's Dad cancel each other since they both married and had children before our wedding. That leaves four on each side. As for the bridesmaids there are a total of 3 -- Shandra has two girls and Becky has one girl. Michele just recently married and Carrie is not married. As for the groomsmen there are a total of 7 -- David has two boys, Derek has a girl and a boy, Nathan has a girl and two boys, Laurance just recently married. With our three boys and a girl that makes a grand total of 14 children born since our wedding in 1998. Not bad!

Now because I actually have some free time on my hands I am going to see if there are more boys or girls.... boys = 8; girls = 6 no surprise there

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