Friday, June 23, 2006


Sarah and I took the kids to the library for storytime. They said they enjoyed it, but I think they really enjoyed being at the library the same time with their Aunt and cousins!! The lady who did the story was really good and creative -- wish she had dressed for the part being a princess/dragon/castle theme this summer! We loaded up on books -- 37 books total -- we really need to invest in something to haul the book in. The bags are not big enough and my arms are not strong enough to carry the bags, Smiley in a sling, and hold any little hands that need or want to be held! So here is my dream folding cart to use for the library. Hey, to my amazement I just noticed the insert link at the top of this post. We shall see if it worked!

The other thing I finally did was buy a mop! Yeah!! It seems from family members that I have asked seem to really like the same mop. It has the microfleece rectangle sheet that you can wash and reuse. Mine is by Clean Q but looks like a Swivel. Pretty pathetic to be happy about buying a mop and going home to use it! But I did mop after dinner tonight to give it a try. Peacock mopped for me as well. HooDoo got upset that Joshua did not leave him a spot to mop. Little Mama well Joshua explained and showed her how to use the mop! It was easy and did a quick job ... my hands and knees are thankful for the new mop!

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