Monday, June 19, 2006


On Sunday HooDoo took a bath before heading over to wish Gramps a Happy Father's/Gramps Day. He gave himself a beard like Gramps! He was very proud of it and laughed all the way to Gramps' house. Too bad all the bubbles dissolved before getting there. I had to take a picture... he comes up with some funny stuff!

I want to add that the boys love to pretend to be other family members... they call it there game. They constantly say "guess what game we are playing now?" The other one will reply with "which one?" Then be answered "I will be Ian and you be Jonathan. Smiley can be James since he's the baby. Mommy who do you want to be?" I will answer something like "I will be Mommy!" Then they say "no you have to be someone else. Do you want to be Grammy?" Then I get to see their perspective of each family member! So remember you have little eyes watching us (me included!) Oh yeah-- after reading the Chronicles of Narnia movie storybook they asked me if I wanted to be the white witch! Uh no, --- I'd rather be Mrs. Beaver!

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