Saturday, August 21, 2010


In celebration of Aviation Day the museum nearby had a free admission week. Just in time for our cousins visit! We spent the afternoon there.

Uncle David the tour guide and instructor!

Cousin J flying high!

Peacock and Cousin I duo flying.

Gramps in front of his past the Vietnam War.

A (Sarah's friend) is flying Mach 2 ... I call the play room the Mach Room because the kids were so fast every picture is blurred!

They also had flight simulators and a theater that we found quiet in! Overall, it was a fun place. Though no comparison to the museum in D.C. It is still fun and educational!


A Joyful Chaos said...

sounds like an interesting day.

Beth said...

Fun day for you all!

Enjoyed reading your curriculum list and school plan.

We're doing Latin for the first time this year, too...Song School Latin. But it's too early for me to know yet if it's good stuff. Doesn't help that I know NO Latin! I guess I will soon enough! :-)