Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The first of July found us out of state visiting good friends from college! It was such a great visit! They are all family.

The kids enjoyed their trampoline and water sprayer.

Not sure if Laurance is running through the water or running to catch the football!

Laurance's oldest son.

The twins Miriam and Shira. Miriam just loved Daniel and Daniel tickled her a lot!

The new family member Sarah whom is also expecting their first child! I enjoyed hearing about their life in Guam as well as talking about birth!

Charles tickling the girls!

Dayton swinging Jonathan. Dayton also taught the boys some Judo moves. He, Laurance and Daniel went to a place where Dayton will be teaching Judo for a week. The boys loved watching the kids in action! oh yeah, then they went to a gun shop next door which is an extra bonus for the boys! Not sure if it was more fun for the little boys or the big boys!

Laurance's youngest son.

Charles and Laurance acting out the kids a story of Jonah.

Dayton and Erin, missionaries in Thailand! Always a joy to hear her midwifery stories, and life in Thailand.

These two share the same name!

The guys shooting the Mossberg 591A1 and H&K G3. I shot it as well but shucks the battery died! Bummer... Truth be told, it was actually a lot of fun to shoot!

Peacock found a toy gun to play with. He did get to shoot Laurance's .22 pistol for the first time in which he shot two shotgun shells with his last two bullets. Also, he made a target with points and Laurance shot the target!

Playing on the play area away from the shooting range.

Dayton's kids with ours. Oh I could really kick myself for the pictures I forgot to take... oh really kicking myself!!!!!!

Dayton and Daniel. Once again, kicking myself for not taking pictures of all the guys together.

The future midwife! Oh my word, this girl LOVES babies!!!!!!

It was such a joy watching all the kids interact with one another. It was a great visit indeed!

Bonus video: I had to clip a small part due to lack of clothes on a child. It is also short because batteries were about to die and I had the next day to get more pictures!

More of our visit to come.....


Beth said...

Love the new look!

Glad y'all had a fun time with such special friends!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the new pics Letisha! Looks like a great time.