Sunday, July 25, 2010


One night we went over to Will and Laura's! Will grilled us delicious hot dogs! They are also cool because they have a pool!! Our children were so excited about this part! They could not wait to swim! I told them to wait for Daddy! The oldest two have had swim lessons but it has been a long time since they have gone swimming. I have told them over and over, yes, you can swim in shallow end but I do not trust you in the deep end! Just wait for Daddy! Well they were swimming fine. I was holding My Doll. HooDoo saw Daddy in the deep end and went to swim to him. He got past the point where it drops off and went to come up for air! He could not reach the bottom or alert us for help. Laura was standing there (thank the Lord) and after he reached for her a second time she realized he was reaching for help not just swimming by! She pulled him up and he was breathing but very frightened! He stayed on my lap the rest of the night! Next we saw Peacock swimming in the deep end but not making much progress. We stood by the side of the pool watching him. He had his goggles and snorkel on so he could breath. When he reached for the side of the pool and missed he either panicked or was tired! He bobbed up and down at that point and Will (thank the Lord was right by the pool) grabbed him out. Daniel was watching the smaller one who have never had swim lessons! Peacock said "Wow, thanks for pulling me out of the pool!" and jumped right back in! This time we made everyone stay in the shallow end just to calm our fears.

We made our way back inside for delicious watermelon. Us girls chatted, the men chatted and the kids played!

I have thought about the incident so many times. "What if...." I think it made the boys realize some important things. Kids and even adults get to thinking that yeah I will die one day, but not soon. We never know what God has planned! Maybe this brings them closer to God and salvation for them personally!

Thank you to the whole Kannon family for such a wonderful visit! We only wish we lived closer.

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Laura said...

You're welcome! And, of course, rejoicing too,that God was watching out for the boys!
Ella, especially loved the kids-I think Caleb was most fascinated w/Little Princess. He loves babies! :-)